Zombie Ever After

Zombie Ever After
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Genres: Adventure, Humor, Love Story, Satire, Science Fiction
Publisher: Someday Press
Publication Year: 2015
Format: ebook, paperback
Length: 374 pages
Narrator: Andrew Tell (audible.com)
ISBN: 9781942947004

It's time to fall in love with zombies all over again!ZOMBIE EVER AFTER is a one-of-a-kind zombie romance for teens and adults, filled with moments of dark comedy. If you've ever wondered what happens when a couple's relationship is stressed by one of them turning into an occasional zombie, then this is the book for you. If you've ever thought, Would true love, REAL love, survive a zombie apocalypse romance? Wonder no more. The answers you seek are within these pages.

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About the Book

Can true love conquer a zombie mutation? Prepare yourself for an undead zombie romance novel, one that is oozing with dark humor!

Cryogenically-frozen heads that come to life and race around by the power of their spinal cords, like human horseshoe crabs…

Zombies stumble about looking to feed their brainy eating habit…

San Francisco becomes a bleak, apocalyptic landscape in this dark humor, zombie satire, where…

A mad scientist – Dr. Trope? Dr. Meme? No, Dr. Egessa, the mad German scientist – chasing the Nobel Prize and his living prize…

…Cathren Whitney, a half-human, half-zombie miracle, who must also outrun and outsmart…

Zombie Native Americans…

The mad scientist’s Russian girlfriend, with her own agenda…

A back-to-the-earth movement with its own agenda…

Various zombie street gangs…

And her own jaded view of life and love.

In this zombie comedy, Cathren and her boyfriend Donovan are trying to figure out how to make a living in San Francisco, while trying save their faltering relationship. Meanwhile, a cryogenics lab contaminates the local water supply, and strange things began happening…

Such as zombies. Undead zombies.

The non-stop zombie humor kicks into high gear when Cathren is bitten by an unfrozen head of the undead. Instead of turning into a zombie, she becomes some kind of half-breed, decaying and regenerating body parts while keeping both her human consciousness and her loving heart.


Cathren’s zombie status provides many moments of entertaining grossness — e.g. she alternately sheds and regrows body parts — and the horde of angry detached heads is at once hilarious and horrific.”
Publisher’s Weekly


Loved the wit, the comedic timing, the action — and loved Cathren. Overall, a solid zombie tale for fans of the genre.” —Vampire Origins



“While this book will likely please fans of the genre, other readers may enjoy it as well, since zombies can represent a refreshing change of pace, unlike vampires which can take themselves (and others!) so seriously. with vividly drawn characters, an eye for humor and description, the reader is sucked in anyway. It’s simply fun to read and hopefully one will see more of the same from this promising author. Judge, Writer’s Digest 4th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards


“The author’s writing style is rapid fire and to the point….no long winded soliloquies here to blunt the vibe.” — R. Spahr on amazon.com

“Not only is Carl S Plumer a talented writer with clean prose and an amazing imagination, but he’s really used his skills to create a spellbinding story.” — “Book Crazy” on amazon.com



Quarterfinalist, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award
Finalist, National Indie Excellence Awards

Heard enough? Then go grab your own copy of this zombie satire today!

From the moment I started reading this, I was instantly engaged and invested in the characters. The romantic element was fun and free of any clichés; the action-packed scenes sped the pace of the book but without anything feeling rushed or overlooked.
– BH, Author, Editor, and Book Reviewer
"Here's my pick of the week: Zombie Ever After by Carl S. Plumer, a roller coaster ride of epic proportions while Donovan and Cathren try to stay alive!"
– Nova Reylin, MySeryniti Reviews
"A fantasy chase (graced with terrific humor) that is Plumer's well-sculpted love story dosed with the undead overtones. In other words, another winner for Carl S. Plumer."
– Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame / Top 100 Reviewer
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