About Me

Thanks for asking!

Sooo… I’m a writer by inclination and occupation and I would be thrilled if you’d give my scribblings a shot.

What have you got to lose? Except time, money, and emotional currency.

Well, other than those, which you know you spend all the time on everything, consider picking up a copy of one of my books. My first book, the award-snagging Zombie Ever After is 100% gratis (that’s fancy talk for free) across all e-reading platforms, so there’s at least no monetary investment, right?

For those of you who got to my site deliberately (is that even a thing, or is everything on the internet randomly discovered starting with a vague Google search?), I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If that is the case, then, use this Contact Form to send me a note and tell me what you’d like to see from me in some perfect future — a sequel to one of my novels? A new novel all together but using some of your favorite characters from my earlier stuff? New short stories? Only, and nothing but, fresh new treats straight from my brain oven?

Background Bits

Let me give you a nugget or two about my writing background for those interested.

Here goes: my short stories have appeared in The Book Times, Blink | Ink, Black Lantern Publishing, The Foghorn Magazine, Girls with Insurance, Static Movement, and elsewhere.

My first novel, Zombie Ever After, was an Amazon Breakthrough Award™ Quarterfinalist and a National Indie Excellence Award™ finalist.​ And I only submitted it to those two. Who knows what might have happened if I went contest crazy?

I’m currently editing my next book and working on my first screenplay.

Personal Pinfo

(Sorry, I could think of a “p” word that went with “personal” like I did with “background bits.” But if you have one let me know in ye olde Contacte Forme; appreciate it.)

As for personal stuff, I play guitar pretty good for someone not musically inclinded. Plus piano. Harmonica, too. And trumpet. And, believe it or not, the Euphonium. I also played the drums and my Christmas drum kit and sang “live” for the entire 5th grade class at my elementary school. Goes without saying that I crushed it. The rest is Rock ‘n’ Roll history.

I love me some British motor “bikes,” especially Triumphs. But this is my current obsession.

I love beer especially Guinness, and I used to brew my own. I want to get back into it but with so many great microbreweries around (some literally steps away from where I live) it almost seems like a labor of love with no real purpose.

Writers I Like / Writers Who’ve Influenced Me

(I’ve clearly given up on alliterative subtitles.)

As for what I read, my favorite writer du jour is Carl Hiaasen. Go visit. My favorite writer of all time is Italo Calvino. Go here to see why. My second favorite is Julio Cortázar. Here’s what The Nation has to say on the man and his writing. Last, and by no means least, Herman Melville. An awesome guy and misunderstood writer (why so serious, people?) Here’s what The New Republic has to say.



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