Welcome to the Website of Author, Carl S. Plumer

sharkpic-miniCARL S. PLUMER was born in so-called New York City, holds advanced degrees in writing (and he’s not intending on letting go), and has spent his life surrounded by words (mostly on his tee shirts). He’s delivered some of the first known newspapers, worked on the original printing press, managed the first bookstore established in America, taught writing back when it was known as “runes,” wrote for literary magazines back when they were dreadful, and has always considered himself a writer (although many have strenuously disagreed). He is an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (based on weight) quarterfinalist and a National Indie Excellence Award (based on bribes) finalist. My short stories have appeared in The Book Times, Blink | Ink, Black Lantern Publishing, The Foghorn Magazine, Girls with Insurance, Static Movement, and elsewhere. I’m currently editing my next novel and working on my second screenplay.

16 Random Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. I play guitar pretty good. Plus piano. Harmonica, too. And trumpet. And, believe it or not, the Euphonium.
  2. I love to cook and can probably make a decent meal out of whatever you have in your refrigerator and cabinets right now.
  3. I have four grown kids whose awesomenes never ceases to astound me.
  4. I’m happily married to my soulmate, Kristen, who is an amazing interior designer.  (You wouldn’t know I was a happy man necessarily from the books I write. Same could be said about Stephen King.)
  5. I have two black cats (who are people, we all know that, just different than human people) that my Dad named before died. Here’s a hint of the names he picked (think meeses).
  6. My favorite writer du jour is Jo Nesbø. Go visit.
  7. I love beer and used to brew my own. Now there are micro-breweries everywhere, to my delight.
  8. I love British motor “bikes,” especially Triumphs. But this is my current obsession.
  9. My favorite writer of all time is Italo Calvino. Go here to see why.
  10. My second favorite is Julio Cortázar. Here’s what The Nation has to say on the man and his writing.
  11. Last, and by no means least, Herman Melville. An awesome guy and misunderstood writer (why so serious, people?) Here’s what The New Republic has to say.
  12. I am a huge Quentin Tarantino fan. Go ahead, ask me anything. And yes, I am hoping against hope for Kill Bill, Vol. 3.
  13. I’ve got a bunch of degrees in writing, most notably, I guess, is an MA in the subject.
  14. I’ve studied with the brilliant writer and teacher, Holly Lisle.
  15. I’ve been taught by National Book Critics Circle Award winner Thomas Flanagan.
  16. I learned Flash Fiction with pioneer and champion of the genre,Pamelyn Casto.

And Now, My Favorite Quote On Writing

“It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn’t give it up because by that time I was too famous.” ~ Robert Benchley